The Auction space is an industry that has certainly gained much strength in recent years, in addition to being one of the best ways to acquire second-hand industrial machinery at affordable prices. Worldwide the items most sold through Auctions are machinery and vehicles. 

The Auction boom has increased due to the security and verification filter being more demanding and thus the buyer has more peace of mind at the time of the transaction.

To participate in these Auctions there are certain requirements such as passing a security filter and verification to check that the person can buy the machinery, further, the user must enter the platform, where the Auction will be held and access all the information, finally already with these steps completed the customer can make his offer by the machine and decide the increase of money until he becomes the buyer.

Several websites offer this type of service, but today we are going to take care of an only tree that has become very popular due to factors such as security, reliability, and prices:

Surplex: One of the most popular of this top, founded in 1999 this German company with more than 20 years of experience has its online platform most of the machines come from machinery coming from contests of creditors, liquidations of companies, closures or modernization.

Auctelia: This company located in Belgium that offers its online auctions is one of the most important in Europe, Auctelia auction from agricultural machinery, construction, metal, wood, and transport.

Troostwijk: The latest recommendation is Troostwijk it's big strong are auctions of agricultural machinery, metalworking

If your idea is to buy or sell used machinery in the manner of Auctions, these options are the most recommended.

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