Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my machines with GLOMACHT?

Yes. GLOMACHT takes care of the whole sales process when you do not have the time, the knowledge or the desire to sell your machine directly, so that you can focus on your company's main business or other personal activities.

How does GLOMACHT work?

You can check our service process here.

All the machines are on the website?

No, in most of the cases GLOMACHT has a Sale Exclusivity Agreement with the owners of the machines. However, this does not happen in all cases.

From which industries are the machines?

GLOMACHT handles different industries. Some of the most dynamic industries are Metalworking and Woodworking. We also have machines from food, construction, 3D printing and the plastic industry.

Do you offer any guarantee?

GLOMACHT believes in long term, transparent relationships with our customers and clients. Since we generally sell used machines, these are sold as they are shown, tested and agreed upon with an honest technical statement of the machine. Our customers can inspect the machines and request any technical information at any time before the deal is closed. However, we do not offer any guarantee on used machinery.

Can I visit the machine while it’s operational?

Of course, we can schedule an appointment for the visit. Sometimes machines have already been disassembled and cannot be observed in full operation. This will be informed to our customers in due course.

Can I do a virtual inspection?

Of course, we can schedule an appointment for the visit in Google meets, Zoom or any platform of your choice. 

Can I send a technician to inspect the machine?

Yes, we look forward to a transparent relationship with our customers. It is ideal to ask for an inspection with your trusted technician upon an agreed date and time.

Can I have more videos of the machine in operation?

We can make videos of specific functions at location when required by our customer. However, most of our machines already have videos while working.

Are your machines second-handed or do you sell new machines too?

Most of our machines are second-handed in very good working condition, with necessary requirements for good operation, but we also have new machines in our catalogue.

How is the payment process?

We request 25% down payment to close the deal, before any dismantling starts (if applicable), and/or total amount at least 3 working days before the agreed pickup date.

Can GLOMACHT finance the machines?

No, GLOMACHT does not finance the machines. Nonetheless in some countries we have lease financial partners that will offer you financial solutions depending on your needs.

GLOMACHT takes care of the dismantling, upload and pick-up of the machines?

In some cases dismantling and/or upload are included in the price but normally GLOMACHT sells Ex-works. 

GLOMACHT is in charge of the transport of the machines?

No, GLOMACHT has expert logistic partners. We can facilitate a transport quotation with our partners if you require it but you hire the service directly with them or any other transport agent of your preference.

Where is GLOMACHT located?

Our main office is located at Scheepmakerspassage 99, 3011 VH, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Please note our machines are not stored at this location. 



These are international commercial law terms, published by the International Chamber of Commerce, specifying at what point respective obligations, like costs and risk, involved in the delivery of goods, shift from seller to buyer.

What is the meaning of ex/works?

Ex works (EXW) is an INCOTERM meaning the seller makes a product available at a designated location, and the buyer of the product must cover preparation,dismantling loading and the transport costs and assume the risk and responsibility of the machine from up-load and onwards.

What is the meaning of loaded on truck?

Loaded on truck is an INCOTERM meaning the price of the machine includes dismantling (if necessary) and the up-load of the machine in the mean of transport available by the customer, at the location of the machine.

What is the meaning of FOB? 

FOB (Free on Board) is an INCOTERM meaning the seller of the product must cover all transport costs and risk until the product is loaded in a vessel.

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