2021 was characterised as a year of changes and challenges, and our industry was not exempted. For 2022 we are approaching these challenges and others to come then and hope to overcome them stronger as an industry, just as 2021 is coming to an end.

Let’s look at the challenges of 2021:

Covid: Not only did it affect our industry, it also affected other industries around the world. This contingency made people unable to do business normally, we face the challenge of starting business more digitally as by calls, video conferences, video calls. In our company we began to implement the visits of our machines online so that our customers could see the machines in operation without having to transport to our cities or countries as recommended sanitary measures.

Economic recession: This is a consequence of our first challenge in this article, the priorities changed the idea is to keep us safe as long as possible, jobs changed those that could have evolved to remote work others were unfortunately not able to survive and had to close, these causes caused the consequence to be an economic crisis in most of the world, investments decreased, the purchase of machinery in the same way fell, the purchase of machinery the same, all step by a metamorphosis that we are still recovering.

Container crisis: The shortage of containers in world trade is a reality, some experts say that it is a cumulative of several elements, among the most key points of this crisis is due to the fact that between 2014 and 2017 it lost a lot of money and because of this it stopped building ships because there was overcapacity and another point are the new environmental regulations, this issue has been advancing for several years now, where in the European Green Pact of December 2019 a more environmentally friendly economy has been agreed. 

These are some of the challenges and changes we have faced in this year that have not been easy but we continue to face and evolve as an industry. 

Challenges for the year 2022:

Pandemic Hangover: Recovering from a pandemic that has affected many human lives and many industries is not easy. In this year 2022 the biggest challenge is to stabilise our industry, business, the purchase and sale of machines, the export of these machines, all these challenges are essential to face them with the greatest responsibility and try to return everything to the new normal.

New business strategies: These new changes have pushed us to carry out new business strategies. By 2022 we have to think more about the social and environmental aspects, according to experts after the pandemic business must be more humane and with long-term vision.

Increased technology: As each year is expected to be more advanced technology and bring with it positive changes that make our work more productive. We know that more technologically advanced machines help companies to collect more useful information, there will be more productivity, and in this way they will mass their profits.  

Finally, it is very important that from GLOMACHT we face these new challenges of 2022 with the greatest commitment and responsibility possible, to deliver to our customers the best. 




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