About Us



GLOMACHT is an international trading company, operating globally using the latest technology, and a diverse and dynamic team. Our services are focused on promoting and supporting our clients during the process of buying and selling new and used industrial machinery.


For the past years we have worked hard and loyally to deliver the best solutions for our clients, and today we continue to provide the highest results, creating new opportunities and staying strong in the market.



We offer a whole range of services, and added value, that makes us referents in the market. Our service is personalized and detailed, using physical and online digital cutting-edge tools.


We perform the professional trading accompaniment required when dealing with industrial machinery transactions. From zero to after sales activities, we execute online international marketing, market research, negotiation, advise, representation, deal closure, and logistic services.  




We assume the responsibility of our daily work, appraising the importance of a permanent and transparent communication. For this reason, we matter our actions, based on the value of our word and the fulfilment of schedules. Our goal is to offer you a fair market price!


We use our experience, market network and reputation to simplify the link between buyers and sellers in every step of the transaction.


We care about our customers’ needs. Our services are designed to provide the best accompaniment through the whole process from advising, promoting, buying and selling your industrial machinery. 

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