Bending capabilityØ 76.1 x 2.3 mm
Max. bending radius190 mm
Max. bending speed12 °/s
Bending accuracy± 0.1 °
Bending speed12o/sek
Connected load3.5 kW
Voltage400 V - 50 HZ
DimensionsL 4100 x W 720 x H 1450 mm
Weight1450 Kg
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Bending machine - Year: 2013

Tools Available: Included

Bending tools including sliding and driven guide counterform, tightening counterform,  and bending shape:

For diameter steel tubes:

  • 42.40  mm Radius:  2xD
  • 48.30  mm Radius:  2xD
  • 60.30  mm Radius:  2xD

Bending tools including the back form of driven sliding guidance, the contoured and hardened tightening counterform,  and the hardened shape for stainless steel tubes:

For stainless steel tubes in diameter:

  • 21,30 mm Radius: 2xD
  • 26,90 mm Radius: 2xD
  • 33,70 mm Radius: 2xD

Steel chuck, chuck rod with greasing channel For diameter steel tube:

  • 21,30 x 2,00 mm
  • 21,30 x 2,60 mm
  • 26,90 x 2,30 mm
  • 26,90 x 3,20 mm
  • 33,70 x 2,60 mm
  • 33,70 x 3,20 mm
  • 42,40 x 3,20 mm
  • 48,30 x 2,60 mm
  • 48,30 x 3,60 mm
  • 60,30 x 3,60 mm

Mandrin in AMPCO, chuck rod with greasing channel For diameter stainless tube:

  • 21,30 x 2,60 mm
  • 26,90 x 3,20 mm
  • 33,70 x 2,60 mm
  • 33,70 x 3,20 mm

Sliding guidance adapter:

  • Adapter BW-7  902
  • Adapter BW-7  901
  • Adapter BW-7  903
  • Adapter BW-7  904

More info: 

Adjustable clamping pressure.

Positioning device for pipe length and rotation, incl. 3-jaw chuck.

Mechanical collet chuck.

Length and rotation measuring system with digital display.

Anticipated mandrel retraction for optimizing the bend quality

M d ll bi ti d i Fast and easy bending of pipe shapes up to Ø 80 mm.

Mandrel lubrication device.

Remote control or foot switch for bending and clamping function.

Interface for data import from PIPEFAB BE pipe bending software.

Pipe bending software PIPEFAB BE for installation on an external PC.

Interface for remote maintenance of the machine control via VPN.

Pre-removal of calibration chuck:

  • The chuck is pulled automatically during bending
  • Variable setting up to 10 degrees
  • Reference:  TB80  1540

Adjustable tightening pressure

  • Reference:  TB80L 1300

Plan positioner with 3-claw embeztling socket

  • Includes 3 lengths and 3 rotational legs for 3000 mm chuck support
  • Reference:  TB80 V 3000 (Length 3,000  mm)

Grateing the automatic chuck:

  • HP-Micro Spray Pneumatic dosing device, incl. Mounting device
  • Reference:  TB80  SM