PROMILL PMV 206 - 2020


The Netherlands



ModelPMV 206
Control UnitHeidenhain TNC640
X-Axis travel2000 mm
Y-Axis travel600 mm
Z-Axis travel 550 mm
Rapid traverse30-30-24 m/min
Clamping table2500 x 700 mm
Distance spindle nose to table150 - 700 mm
Number of tool positions30
Tool weight max6 kg
Tool length max300 mm
Tool diameter maxØ 75 mm
Tool recordingSK40
Power20 kW
Connection45 kVA
DimensionsL 6200 x W 3400 x H 2900 mm
Weight14000 Kg
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CNC Machining centres - Year: 2020

More info: 

Vertical machining center with tool magazine, with fixed clamping table, moving column with vertical ram.

3-axis machining center with.

linear roller guides in the X, Y and Z axes, mobile clamping table and dynamic main spindle with. Tool holder SK40 acc. DIN 69871/72-AD, closed pulley cooling system

driven spindle. n = 15,000 min-1 Pmax = 20 kW, tool magazine 40 times and completely closed machining space.

with double front sliding doors and large windows to the front.

Coolant / chip collection:

The machine is equipped with completely closed plating with an electronic around the processing area guarded double sliding doors at the front.

A chip coil system is installed in the machining room. The processing space is also provided of sloping and slightly sloping surfaces that end in a chip collecting reservoir. 

The flushing system and the sloping surfaces in the plating can promote chip evacuation. A chip conveyor is optionally available instead of a chip collection container.

Feeding System:

Highly dynamic digital three-phase servo motors that direct the ball screws on the 3 axes

are driven, i.e. an exceptionally rigid one has also been chosen in the drive system control circuit without drive belts. All bullets are mounted symmetrically under the slides, creating a high accuracy during movement is already provided in the base.