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ModelMachining Centers
X-Axis travelBAZ 810 IQ: 2500 mm, BAZ 830n IQ: 4000 mm, BAZ 850n IQ: 3500 mm, BAZ 875 IQ: 3000 mm, BAZ 890n IQ: 2500 mm, NCB2412S: 2400 mm
Y-Axis travelBAZ 810 IQ: 900 mm, BAZ 830n IQ: 2100 mm, BAZ 850n IQ: 1700 mm, BAZ 875 IQ: 1250 mm, BAZ 890n IQ: 1250 mm, NCB2412S: 1200 mm
Z-Axis travelBAZ 810 IQ: 50 mm, BAZ 830n IQ: 50 mm, BAZ 850n IQ: 270 mm, BAZ 875 IQ: 80 mm, BAZ 890n IQ: 30 mm, NCB2412S: 70 mm
Working areaBAZ 810 IQ: 2500 x 900 mm, BAZ 830n IQ: 4000 x 2100 mm, BAZ 850n IQ: 3050 x 1600 mm, BAZ 875 IQ: 3000 x 1250 mm, BAZ 890n IQ: 2500 x 1250 mm, NCB2412S: 2150 x 600 mm mm
Spindle speedBAZ 810 IQ: 18000 rpm, BAZ 830n IQ: 24000 rpm, BAZ 850n IQ: 24000 rpm, BAZ 875 IQ: 24000 rpm, BAZ 890n IQ: 24000 rpm, NCB2412S: 18000 rpm
Motor powerBAZ 810 IQ: 6 kW, BAZ 830n IQ: 9 kW, BAZ 850n IQ: 9 kW, BAZ 875 IQ: 12 kW, BAZ 890n IQ: 12 kW, NCB2412S: 2 x 3.5 kW
Vertical drillsBAZ 810 IQ: 12, BAZ 850n IQ: 7, BAZ 875 IQ: 14, BAZ 890n IQ: 10, NCB2412S: 25
Horizontal drillsBAZ 810 IQ: 8, BAZ 850n IQ: 4, BAZ 875 IQ: 8, NCB2412S: 8
Weight machineBAZ 810 IQ: 2600 kg, BAZ 830n IQ: 3500 kg, BAZ 850n IQ: 6000 kg, BAZ 875 IQ: 4800 kg, BAZ 890n IQ: 6000 kg, NCB2412S: 3500 kg
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Lohmeyer machining centers are renowned for their precision, reliability, and versatility in metalworking operations. With a focus on quality engineering and innovative design, Lohmeyer offers a range of machining centers tailored to various industrial applications. Among their notable models are: BAZ 810 IQ, BAZ 830n IQ, BAZ 850n IQ, BAZ 875 IQ, BAZ 890n IQ, NCB2412S.

Each Lohmeyer machining center model is engineered to meet the specific needs of modern manufacturing, providing reliability, precision, and versatility to enhance productivity and quality in metalworking processes.

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Lohmeyer Machinery

Lohmeyer is a woodworking machinery manufacturer that specializes in producing machines for carcass construction and cabinetmaking. The brand offers a wide range of products, such as machining centers, edgebanding machines, beam saws and woodworking machinery for carpenters and joiners. With features like rigid construction, high-speed spindles, and advanced control systems, Lohmeyer machining centers ensure efficient and precise machining of complex workpieces, making them a preferred choice for demanding machining applications.


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