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ModelBeam Saws
Max. cutting lengthDBS 525 IQ: 3300 mm, NPC 330: 3300 mm, NP 380 HG: 3800 mm, NPL 380 HG: 3800 mm
Max. cutting widthDBS 525 IQ: 3300 mm, NPC 330: 3300 mm
Max. cutting thicknessDBS 525 IQ: 80 mm, NPC 330: 90 mm, NP 380 HG: 120 mm, NPL 380 HG: 120 mm
Saw blade projectionDBS 525 IQ: 90 mm, NPC 330: 105 mm, NP 380 HG: 130 mm, NPL 380 HG: 130 mm
Motor powerDBS 525 IQ: 15 kW, NPC 330: 15 kW, NP 380 HG: 18 kW, NPL 380 HG: 18 kW
Saw speedDBS 525 IQ: 4800 rpm, NPC 330: 3910 rpm, NP 380 HG: 3910 rpm, NPL 380 HG: 3910 rpm
Working height960 mm
Weight MachineDBS 525 IQ: 6200 kg, NPC 330: 5300 kg, NP 380 HG: 6900 kg, NPL 380 HG: 12500 kg
AvailabilityOnly in Benelux


Lohmeyer beam saws are renowned for their precision and efficiency in cutting a wide range of materials, including wood, plastics, and non-ferrous metals. These beam saws are equipped with robust frames and advanced cutting technologies to deliver high-quality cuts with exceptional accuracy. Lohmeyer offers various models of beam saws, each designed to meet specific cutting requirements and production demands. Some of the notable models include the: DBS 5 IQ, NPC 3, NP 3 IQ, NPL 3 HG.

These beam saws are equipped with features such as powerful saw motors, automatic feeding systems, and user-friendly controls, enabling operators to achieve precise and consistent cutting results while maximizing productivity.

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Lohmeyer Machinery

Lohmeyer is a woodworking machinery manufacturer that specializes in producing machines for carcass construction and cabinetmaking. The brand offers a wide range of products, such as machining centers, edgebanding machines, beam saws and woodworking machinery for carpenters and joiners. With features like rigid construction, high-speed spindles, and advanced control systems, Lohmeyer machining centers ensure efficient and precise machining of complex workpieces, making them a preferred choice for demanding machining applications.


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