Beltec Infra - Jet 1100 I Garment Printing I 2017


€15,000 (EUR)

$16,261.05 (USD)


Czech Republic

orCall +31 6 8722 7638


ModelInfra - Jet 1100
Belt width1100 mm
Drying zone length3000 mm
Passage time1 - 5 minutes
Loading section length800 mm
Length of the removal section600 mm
Tunnel dimensions approx.L 4.5 x W 1.4 x In 1.3 m
Tunnel weight approx.400 kg
Max. operating temperature180°C
Installed electrical power22 kVA


Explore this used Beltec Infra - Jet 1100 garment printing from 2017, located in the Czech Republic. This advanced piece of equipment features a generous belt width of 1100 mm, allowing for the accommodation of various garment sizes and types. The machine offers an adjustable passage time ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, providing flexibility to meet specific printing requirements and ensuring optimal results. The extensive drying zone, measuring 3000 mm in length, guarantees thorough and efficient drying of printed garments.


  • Wide Belt Width.
  • Adjustable Passage Time.
  • Extensive Drying Zone.
  • Consistent Performance.

Beltec Machinery

Beltec is a renowned brand in the printing industry, recognized for its high-quality machinery designed to meet the diverse needs of garment and textile printing. Specializing in advanced printing solutions, Beltec manufactures a wide range of equipment, including direct-to-garment (DTG) printers, drying and curing systems, and screen printing machines. Their machines are known for their reliability, efficiency, and innovative features that enhance production capabilities and print quality. With a commitment to technological excellence, Beltec continues to be a preferred choice for businesses seeking robust and efficient printing solutions.


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