Baykal APHS 3108 x 150 I Press Brake I 2006


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ModelAPHS 3108 x 150
Made inTurkey
Control unitDelem DA 66W
Pressing force150 Ton
Bending length3100 mm
Stroke260 mm
Motor power11 kW
Pressure240 bar
Top/Bottom tool weight60/100 kg
Stopping time80 ms
Voltage400 V/50 Hz/3 Ph
DimensionsL 3550 x W 1800 x H 2800 mm
Weight10000 kg


Explore this used Baykal APHS 3108 x 150 press brake from 2006, located in Finland. Engineered for precision bending, this press brake boasts a bending length of 3100 mm and a formidable 150-ton pressing force, making it ideal for a diverse range of sheet metal fabrication tasks. Equipped with a cutting-edge control unit Delem DA 66W, it offers intuitive operation and precise control over bending parameters, ensuring consistent and accurate results with every job. With a powerful 11 kW motor, this machine delivers the force and reliability needed to tackle demanding bending applications with ease.


Without tools and accessories.

Baykal Machinery

Baykal, a prominent brand in manufacturing machinery, is acclaimed for its precision engineering and a diverse range of industrial machines. Their product line includes press brakes, shearing machines, plasma and laser cutting machines, CNC punch presses, fiber laser machines, and tube and pipe processing equipment, all designed for high-precision applications. These machines are crucial for various industries, from metal fabrication and manufacturing to automotive and construction, where precision and efficiency are paramount. Baykal's unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and advanced technology has solidified their position as a trusted leader, elevating production capabilities across a wide array of industries.


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