GPPH Grinding I Welding Stations I 2024


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Made inPoland
Weight1270x770 mm 167 kg, 1870x770 mm 225 kg
Resistance of flow1270x770 mm 250 pa, 1870x770 mm 250 pa
Recommended airflow for welding1270x770 mm 1500 m³/h, 1870x770 mm 2200 m³/h
Recommended airflow for grinding1270x770 mm 3000 m³/h, 1870x770 mm 4000 m³/h


Explore this new GPPH Grinding welding stations from 2024, located in Poland. The GPPH grinding and welding station is a complete solution that meets the needs of professional welders and locksmiths. It is a functional and efficient tool that enables <strong>precise grinding and safe welding of parts, </strong>while keeping the workplace clean and tidy. Our innovative grinding and welding stations effectively eliminate dust and gases generated during grinding and welding work. Working surface guard Tilting doors - components of length exceeding the width of the table(1400 mm) can be placed on the working table

Connector Ø160mm installed in the side surface of the exhaust trough The air may be exhausted from the bottom through the table of exhaust trough.


Grinding-welding station is available in two versions of dimensions of the worktop: 1270x700 mm; 1870x770 mm

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GPPH Machinery

Based in Poland, they are a premier manufacturer specializing in the production of world-class welding tables and the precision tools that go with them. They have an extensive product range that includes state-of-the-art welding tables meticulously engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Complemented by a wide range of specialized tools, enabling welders to achieve unprecedented precision and efficiency in their craft. As industry pioneers, they continually innovate to deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of excellence in welding equipment.


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