GPPH Modular I Welding Tables I 2024


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Made inPoland
Sliding plates15 mm
Hole system100x100 mm
Load capacity250 kg per leg
Height of the tables850 mm - 1150 mm
System of holes⌀28 mm in 100x100 mm


Explore this new GPPH Modular welding tables from 2024, located in Poland. The top of the modular tables consists of milled, sliding plates with a thickness of 15 mm, and by adjusting their surface, you will get perfect flatness. The plates are in a system of holes fi 28 mm in a 100x100 mm grid. They have milled and chamfered holes to facilitate the assembly of tools. In addition, the construction of our modular tables allows you to increase the number of mounting tools placed in the gaps between the tabletop boards - it's improving work ergonomics.

Modular tables have wheels with a foot in the basic legs, with a load capacity of 250 kg per leg. In the versions of extendable modular tables, there are adjustable supports in the additional legs. You can adjust the table high 850 mm - 1150 mm, P=50 mm.


GPPH Modular welding tables are available in the following dimensions: 1000x1000mm, 1200x1200mm, 1600x1500mm, 1770x1000mm, 2170x1200mm, 2670x1600mm, 2000x1000mm, 2400x1200mm, 3200x1500mm, 2630x1770mm, 3030x2170mm, 4000x2670mm.

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GPPH Machinery

Based in Poland, they are a premier manufacturer specializing in the production of world-class welding tables and the precision tools that go with them. They have an extensive product range that includes state-of-the-art welding tables meticulously engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Complemented by a wide range of specialized tools, enabling welders to achieve unprecedented precision and efficiency in their craft. As industry pioneers, they continually innovate to deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of excellence in welding equipment.


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