Holzher CUT 6120 I Beam Saw I 2014


€40,000 (EUR)

$42,961.80 (USD)


Czech Republic

orCall +31 6 8722 7638


ModelCUT 6120
Made inAustria
Cutting length3900 mm
Cutting width3100 mm
Clamp opening82 mm
Motor power11 kW
Saw blade diameter350 mm
Rotary speed4070 rpm
Feed rate0 - 100 m/min
Return feed rate130 m/min
Operating pressure6 bars
DimensionsL 7628 x W 6440 mm
Weight5000 - 6700 kg


Explore this used Holzher CUT 6120 beam saw from 2014, located in the Czech Republic. This high-performance machinery boasts a generous cutting area of 3900 x 3100 mm, ensuring versatility for various woodworking tasks. With a rapid rotary speed of 4070 rpm and a robust 11 kW motor, it excels in delivering swift and precise cuts. Elevate your woodworking capabilities with the dependable Holzher CUT 6120, guaranteeing exceptional results in every project.


Regularly serviced by authorized service.

Holzher Machinery

Holzher is a well-established brand in the woodworking industry, specializing in the production of a diverse range of woodworking machinery and equipment. Their product lineup, encompasses edgebanding machines renowned for precision, CNC machining centers for accurate woodworking tasks, panel saws for large wooden panel cutting, vertical panel saws, bore and dowel insertion machines, moulders and planers for shaping and smoothing wood, as well as sanding machines for achieving smooth surfaces. Holzher's machinery is celebrated for its quality, precision, and innovation, catering to the needs of woodworking shops and cabinetry production.


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