Tecnopromec Alfa C I Profiling Line I 1997


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The Netherlands

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ModelAlfa C
Made inItaly
Absorption176 A
Total power95 kW
Power supply380/50 V/Hz
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Explore this used Tecnopromec Alfa C industrial metalworking machine, manufactured in 1997, located in The Netherlands. This profiling line boasts an absorption of 176 A, a total power of 95 kW, and operates on a power supply of 380/50 V/Hz.


3x Tecnopromec lines available. Package price is negotiable!

Profiling Line

A profiling line is a versatile and essential piece of machinery used in metalworking and manufacturing processes. It performs a range of operations on metal sheets or coils, including cutting, slitting, bending, forming, punching, roll forming, and more. Profiling lines are equipped with tools and mechanisms that allow for precise shaping and processing of metal materials, making them invaluable in industries such as automotive, construction, and metal fabrication. They often include automation and quality control features, and they can handle various metal types, thicknesses, and widths. Profiling lines are adaptable to different manufacturing needs, offering efficiency and flexibility in producing metal components with specific geometries and characteristics.


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