Homag Kal 210 Ambition 2264 I Edgebanding I 2010


The Netherlands



ModelKal 210 Ambition 2264
Made inGermany
Workpiece width 60 mmwith workpiece thickness of 22 mm
Workpiece width 105 mmwith workpiece thickness of 40 mm
Workpiece thickness12 - 40 mm
Workpiece overhang30 mm
Edging roller diameter830 mm
Feed speed18 - 25 m/min
Edge thickness coils1.0 mm
Edging material roll0.3 -3 mm, strips: 0.4 - 20 mm
Working height950 mm
DimensionsL 5130 x W 1540 x H 1740 mm


Explore our top-quality used Homag Kal 210 Ambition 2264 edgebanding from 2010, located in The Netherlands. This versatile edgebanding machine sets the standard for precision and efficiency. With a broad workpiece thickness capacity ranging from 12 to 40 mm, a rapid 18 to 25 meters per minute feed speed, and a comfortable working height of 950 mm, the Homag Kal 210 Ambition 2264 is your trusted solution for high-quality edgebanding and top-tier woodworking.


  • Aut adjustment run-in line
  • Aut adjustment pressure zone
  • Pneumatic adjustment straight/phase caps
  • Pneumatic adjustment for roughing unit
  • Pneumatic adjustment of phase/straight milling cutters
  • Pneumatic adjustment of profile and adhesive joint scrapers
  • Electronic height adjustment

Included with the Machine:

  • Machine with nozzles anti-adhesive
  • Joint milling unit with 2 motors each 3 kW, 9000 O/min
  • Workpiece preheater
  • Edge magazine with 2 rolls
  • Cutter for edges up to 3 mm
  • Glueing unit A20 with Quickmelt glueing unit
  • Pressure zone K
  • 1 driven roughing roller and 6 pressure rollers
  • Felling unit HL84, 2 0.8kW motors (motors can be manually tilted, phase/straight)
  • Roughing unit
  • 2 motors 1.5 kW, 12000 rpm
  • Formwork unit FK 11
  • Manual
  • 2 changeable heads
  • Profile scraper unit PN10
  • Glue joint scrapers FA11
  • Cleaner nozzles
  • Polishing brushes.

Homag Machinery

Homag is a renowned brand in the woodworking and furniture production industry, specializing in the manufacturing of a diverse range of machinery and equipment. Their product lineup, encompasses edgebanders, CNC machining centers, panel saws, edge processing machines, drilling and dowel insertion machines, bore and dowel insertion machines, and sanders, all tailored for precision woodworking tasks. Homag is known for its commitment to quality, precision, and innovation in the field of woodworking machinery, catering to the needs of woodworking shops, furniture production, and custom woodworking.


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