Timesavers 33 Serie 150 WW I Brush Sanding I 2004


€10,000 (EUR)

$10,840.70 (USD)


The Netherlands

orCall +31 6 8722 7638


Model33 Serie 150 WW
Made inThe Netherlands
Working width1400 mm
Abrasive belt length1900 or 2615 mm
Bed opening0 - 150 mm
Voltage400 V three phase
Frequency50 Hz
Total power137 kW


Discover this high-quality used Timesavers 33 Serie 150 WW brush sanding from 2004, located in The Netherlands. This powerful wide belt sander exemplifies precision and efficiency. With a broad working width of 1400 mm, an adjustable bed opening from 0 to 150 mm, and the reliability of 400V three-phase voltage, the Timesavers 33 Serie 150 WW is your trusted solution for high-quality woodworking and top-tier manufacturing.

Timesavers Machinery

Timesavers is a prominent brand in the woodworking and metalworking industry, specializing in the manufacturing of a diverse range of machinery and equipment for precision finishing and material removal. Timesavers is renowned for producing a variety of machines, including wide belt sanders, deburring machines, grinding machines, and calibrating machines. These machines are prized for their ability to deliver precise, efficient, and consistent results in tasks such as sanding, deburring, grinding, and material thickness calibration, catering to the needs of woodworking, metalworking, and manufacturing industries.


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