Muratec MW 120 GT I CNC Lathe I 2011





ModelMW 120 GT
Control unitFanuc 31i
Chuck size203 mm
Number of turret stations2
Spindle speed4500 rpm
Motor power11 kW
Spindle noseA2-5
Maximum diameter of piece loaded by robots120 mm
Maximum piece load per hand3 kg
Speed rapid displacements of robots (X/Y/Z axis)160/120/35 m/min
X/ Z axis rapid traverse speed24 m/min
Time for piece loading and unloading7 seconds
Indexing time for turret change0.2 seconds
Weight4500 kg


Explore this used Muratec MW 120 GT (2011) CNC lathe with sophisticated automation, located in Spain. Equipped with a 203 mm chuck, 4500 RPM spindle speed, and a powerful 11 kW motor, controlled by Fanuc 31i. Features include dual turrets, 3-axis gantry robots, digitalized programming, monitoring systems, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Two 3-axis gantry robots for automatic loading and unloading of parts.
  • Double wrist per robot.
  • Digitalized programming by PLC of gantry robots.
  • Two stations for verification and checking of finished parts.
  • Automatic control and monitoring of efforts and tool consumption monitor.
  • Automatic part turner for second stage infeed.
  • Lubrication by oil and grease of all robot axes.
  • Remote handwheel for robots.
  • Sensors for verification of correct support and flatness in second operation.
  • Part loading retry function in case of bad support.
  • Cleaning of both platens by means of air and coolant.
  • Air and coolant output through both spindles.
  • Automatic shutdown.

Included with the Machine:

  • Two heads.
  • Rear flap type chip extractor.
  • Opening and closing foot pedal for both chucks.
  • Electrical transformer.

Muratec Machinery

Muratec is a prominent brand in the manufacturing of industrial machinery and precision tools, recognized for its commitment to innovation and excellence in producing a wide range of advanced machines. Their products include high-precision CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, laser cutting machines, automation and robotics systems, as well as inspection and quality control equipment. These machines and solutions are essential for multiple industrial sectors, and the brand has earned a strong reputation for delivering quality, precision, and efficiency in the production of high-quality parts and components.


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