Bacciotini Pit Stop Mini 36 Binderhaus R 36 automatic creasing creasing and perforating machine



No longer available


ManufacturerBacciotini, Binderhaus


Bacciotini Pit Stop Mini 36 strong> from Bj. 2009 OEM Binderhaus R 36 Groove- Rill & amp; Perforating machine with 3 interchangeable tools for grooving / creasing, perforating and micro-perforating Entry-level model for grooving, creasing, perforating and micro-perforating up to 36 cm wide. The suction feeder offers up to 50 mm capacity and occasionally also sensitive digital and offset printing safely and gently . The grooving machine processes sheets of up to up to 36 cm wide with a maximum arch length of 200 cm . Up to 20 grooves or grooves are possible per arch . The positioning accuracy is 0.1 mm. Grooves and creases with 6,500 hours For digital printing, offset printing and bookbinding with smaller or frequently changing editions, the R36 creasing machine is by