Standard light JUST Virtual proofStation with JUST moduLight 436AS SPcontrol ISO 3664 2009



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For softproof applications, the VPS with SPcontrol is a convenient solution for color assessment . With the SPcontrol, the brightness of the fluorescent lamps can be precisely adjusted to the brightness of the softproof monitor . This creates precisely controllable, software-based tuning conditions for created the softproofing process . With the freely configurable accessories, it adapts to your requirements . Thus, the proofStation can hold up to two monitors with the appropriate monitor bracket * and the printed sheet can thus be displayed over a large area . For The side and rear walls are made of Munsell N7, with a neutral pattern. The JUST moduLight color test lights ensure glare-free and mirror-free illumination and are unmatched in terms of light quality and illuminance . The built-in JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic fluorescent lamps are ISO-compliant and achieve top values ​​in terms of target color point, color temperature and metamerism index_ \. \. The base station is equipped with a bracket for holding one or two monitors, o keyboard pull-out and fan ventilation for PC cooling in the base cabinet . The SPcontrol of the base station controls the light dimming . Rear and side walls are executed in neutral gray (Munsell N7) , um to ensure optimal color matching. -SPcontrol for dimming and storage of the last brightness value -Operating hours counter -Keyboard pull-out -Fan ventilation for PC cooling in the base cabinet -Monitor is part of the scope of delivery lighted_ _Light_Light_Lighted_ x000D_ 100 x _ Area 100 x 70 cm Outer dimensions 145 x 218 x 117 cm Useful dimensions 137 x 77 cm