HOHNER EXACT multihead block and brochure wire stitching for normal stitching 2003



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Installation of up to four HOHNER narrow stitching heads UNIVERSAL 52/8 for Normal stitching, loop stitching or mixed use. Also ideally suited as a stand-alone machine or built-in unit . -Maximum stapling thickness of 8 mm for normal stitching_x000 : straight for blocks, inclined for brochures . -Staple thickness and wire length are set simultaneously and centrally for all heads with just one lever . -One rear and two side stops, all adjustable, ensure that the Staples are always positioned in the desired position. _X000D_ -Stapling heads can be removed or attached in no time, shifted to the side or simply switched off temporarily . -Maximum stapling performance:206 clips / minute per head . -Fußauslösung -table size: 550 x 280 mm -insertion depth from clincher box 165 mm -clip distance max. 330mm -clip distance min. 52-62 mm