Konica Minolta FD7 spectrophotometer spectral densitometer



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The Konica Minolta FD-7 also measures in measuring mode M1 as a scan measurement in strip mode in one pass. It is supported by EFI Fiery XF from EFI Fiery XF 5.0, by basICColor Catch 4, by EFI Color Profiler (optional for the EFI Hardware Fierys) and of course from Konica Minolta's own software . Technical data: Lighting / viewing system: 45 ° a: 0 ° (annular lighting / vertical viewing) ( * 1); _ x000D_ complies with CIE 15: 2004, ISO 7724-1, DIN 5033-7, ASTM E 1164 and JIS 8722 measurement conditions for body colors Monochromator: Concave grating Wavelength range: reflection: 380 to 730 nm; Illuminance: 360 to 730 nm Wavelength resolution: 10 nm Half-value bandwidth: approx. 10 nm Measuring field: Ø 3.5mm Light source: LED Measuring range: Color density: 0.0 density units; Reflection 0 to 150% illuminance 0 to 9990 lux. Repeatability: Color density: s0.01 density units Colorimetric: Colorimetric: within sDE00 0.05 based on the white -Standard with 30 measurements in 10 seconds interval after white calibration) Device agreement: Within DE00 0.03 (mean value based on 12 BCRA II color tiles in comparison to those with the master Instrument determined data under the Konica Minolta test conditions) Measuring time: approx. 1,