Heidelberg Stahl Stitchmaster ST 450 saddle stitcher 2007



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ManufacturerHeidelberg steel


Large screen display 8 chain bases with sword KUS 4 vertical feeders DVU 450 with clocked air blow 2 horizontal feeders DHU 450 with clocked blown air 1 card fold feeder CHU 450 with creased segments Blown air for empty field Blown air between the feeders 1 stapler HS 450 Stitching wire transport device Large spool carrier for wire Missing sheet delivery with interval Width control Quick change device for stapling heads 1 staple control from below HKKU 4 stapling heads 45-N14-24 4 eyelet stapling heads Hohner 50-L6 1 trimmer TR 450 Universal small format transport device 64x120 Air device for two punching knives Center cut device Cut control Trio cutting device Transfer marking table ULMW with exclusion gate Compound stacker HD automatic Delivery belt 832mm Tunnel 832 with telescopic guide Telem Servo ejector mobile removal table 1200mm MT 1200 Chip conveyor