Schmedt Concise title and gilding press 2008



No longer available




Title and gold embossing press Schmedt Prägnant with a heatable writing box 90mm and thermostat mounted on a solid base (work while sitting is possible) Required space: 60 x 60 cm Weight: approx. 60 kg Foil feed: manual Embossing table: 430 x 500 mm adjustable in incline, with parallel adjustable system left> Embossing pressure: approx. 400 kp via toggle lever For single titles and small editions, this machine was specially developed for manual bindings and library bookbinders. The font boxes are self-centering and enable a quick type change thanks to the quick-release fastener. The Prägnant is therefore particularly suitable wherever frequently changing titles have to be embossed. The book cover is placed upright in the machine. As a result, the embossing process can be better observed and, if necessary, corrected or repeated without touching the book cover or removing it from the machine. In this way, it is easy to avoid expensive mismatches!