Bourg BB 3002 PUR singletong adhesive binder 2009



No longer available


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Perfect binder Bourg Binder BB 3002 with Nordson Versapail VPO 20 PUR pre-melter Year of construction 2009 approx. 134.541 bindings 2 new nozzles on delivery Already the first book is perfectly bound. This is the result of the new Bourg perfect binder BB 3002. Designed to be user-friendly thanks to the large color display for maximum ease of use. No matter what book size you are processing. The BB3002 automatically adjusts itself to the book thickness to be produced. The adhesive binder has active side gluing and can carry out up to 13 envelope creases (optionally concave and convex) by means of sword grooves. This also enables the production of 6 and 8 page envelopes. The book display allows the finished books to be removed continuously without unnecessary stops . Productivity: