Epson 7600 Stylus Pro proofing system with ProofMaster Rip 2002



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ManufacturerEpson / Proofmaster


In business operations, you cannot take any chances with your customers. You have to complete your customers' orders precisely and on time. In no case do you want to argue with your customers about whether the colors are right or miss a delivery date because more time is required for the proofs. You need proofs with a proven accuracy. And proofing software that is not only easy to use, but also offers the flexibility you need for your way of working. A measuring device belonging to the package is used to calibrate the device and to measure various types of paper, and the device is also used for quality assurance during operation. _X000D_ Epson Stylus Pro 7600 desktop device Software package for controlling the Epson Stylus 7600 Driver class 3 (other output devices with larger format can also be controlled) Windows 2003 Server operating system Measuring device Gretag SpectroScan with measuring table Spectrolino The spectrophotometer Spectrolino is the precise measuring device for all areas of the printing industry: remission, transmission and emission! This means that color and paper samples, slides, color charts and monitors can always be measured quickly, safely and with absolute precision. With the handy measuring device, you can achieve great performance with the least amount of effort: consistent quality, from the receipt of the order to the delivery of the printed end product. The Spectrolino is connected to the PC via the built-in RS 232C interface. Thanks to the ring optics system, measurements are equally reliable even at different angles. For emission measurement, the Spectrolino is securely and gently attached to the screen using the bracket supplied. The SpectroScan T x / y measuring table turns the Spectrolino into a fully automatic workstation for measuring color charts.