Morbidelli author M 100 - Nesting - CNC Machining center - 2018





Modelauthor M 100 - Nesting
X-Axis travel3110 mm
Y-Axis travel1320 mm
Z-Axis travel180 mm
Tool changer24
Speed24000 rpm
Vacuum pump250 m3 / h
DimensionsL 6500 x W 2100 x H 2500 mm
Weight4300 Kg
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Woodworking - CNC Machining center

More info: 

-Group of holes in vertical direction "X" - "Y" .- 13

-Group of holes in horizontal direction "X" - "Y" .- 6 + 4.

-Machine table -Flat or nesting table.


-Liquid cooled spindle.

-MORBIDELLI spindle JQX. (Under the name "Morbidelli spindle JQX" this 5-axis spindle went on the market in 2017 for a few months, while during the construction period of the Morbidelli Author M 100 model.

Later in the SCM group a fundamental change of the product range policy followed, which also caused the renaming of all the products of the manufacturer Morbidelli.)

-SCM TecPad. (The TecPad is a programmable remote control for CNC machining centers. It was introduced in 2011 and is used on machines throughout the SCM Group.

-SCM RO.AX. (SCM RO.AX is a technology for drill spindles in CNC machining centers)

-SCM Pro-Space. (With Pro-Space it is a safety device for CNC machining centers presented again in 211. The Pro-Space system is used in start-up machines of the SCM group.)


-Long measurement tool

Saw in direction "X". Dxf interface.


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