The Industrial machinery sector is an important part of our society since the Industrial revolution, beginning the twentieth century. The need to massify production, standardize processes and produce products with better performance and quality lead to fast improvements in this sector over the years. Nowadays the industrial machinery sector is defined by new technology, such as e-commerce and automation. Moreover, the commerce of products through Internet, big data analytics, and network communications, set a much more technified and developed path in the near future.

Machinery industry is large and continues to grow. Today the machinery industry covers a wide variety of industrial machines used in different sectors, from automotive, following by robotics, 3D printing, etc. In addition, these industrial machines have a wide variety of elements and characteristics that define their specific use. Industrial electrical machinery, hydraulic machinery, industrial thermal type machinery, industrial robotic, are just a small example of such variety.

In the following years a great growth in machinery is expected throughout the industry. Also, with the new technological advances, machines will be enhanced with more artificial intelligence, enabling the industry to improve their work.

Following this trend, GLOMACHT is part of the whole process of growth in the industrial sector. We have been trading metalworking, wood, construction, plastic, food and other type of machines. One of our strength is the variety of metalworking and woodworking machinery we have been working with. This has permitted our continuous growth for years, and positioned ourselves as a company with new ideas and very committed to customers.

Our stock of metalworking machines include all kinds of different machines as: cnc machining centers, cutting; laser, plasma, guillotine, saws, boring, bending, milling, presses, and punching. likewise, our stock of woodworking machinery includes: cnc machining centers, edgebanding, drilling, planers, sanders, splitter, boring and saws.

Ultimately, GLOMACHT keep reading the market changes and needs. New trends in combination with the industries demands represent a growth challenge for us. This defiant environment is our motor to develop and succeed, keeping us committed to our clients, work improvement and new business goals.