In CNC terminology there is a very common question about two very similar machines. Therefore, I will explain the difference between a CNC milling machine and a Machining Center, which will undoubtedly be of great help when choosing what is closest to what is true. what do you need:

A CNC milling machine and a machining center are very similar, however, here I will explain the differences.

-The revolutions of the spindle in a CNC milling machine are between 4000 and 5000 RPM (revolutions per minute), while in a Machining Center they are 8000 RPM or more. This favors the machining center to perform operations that the milling machine could not.

-The tool magazine is another of the differences, since the machining center changes tools automatically, while in the CNC milling machine you must change the tools manually, to carry out another process.

-Lastly, the milling machine is mounted on a common bench, while the machining centers are mounted on linear guides, that is, this machine is more robust.

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