Generally, when a person seeks to give his industrial or construction equipment a longer life, the first thing he thinks of is maintenance tasks or revisions in the workshop. However, they forget a decisive factor: the cleaning of machinery.

It is not only necessary for the vehicle to last longer but also for it to function optimally, among many other benefits. For Glomacht it’s important that you know the benefits of performing proper maintenance on your heavy machinery.

Benefits of cleaning your machinery

Some people forget that an important part of maintaining industrial machinery is regular washing. These are some of the benefits of cleaning your vehicles:

1.- Less risk of overheating

Equipment receives regular cleaning and stays cooler than equipment remains covered in mud and grease. Although heat is a necessary element for the proper functioning of heavy machinery, its excess is a harmful factor.

2.- Less downtime

Regular cleaning will remove dirt, rocks, branches, and other materials that could impair the machine's performance. Also, weight is reduced on the arm and bucket, which often have dry mud adhering to their surfaces.

3.- Early fault detection

Don't forget that heavy machinery cleaning tasks allow you the opportunity to inspect the equipment on a regular basis. This can reveal possible cracks, corrosion, rust or metal fatigue that would otherwise be hidden under layers of mud and grease.

Also, if some parts of the equipment are worn or leaking, it will be much easier to identify them when the machine is clean. This allows maintenance personnel to control the situation in time before it becomes a serious problem. In addition, it is advisable to make scheduled stops to carry out corrective measures and prevent production from being affected.

4.- Better performance

Frequent cleaning is part of what is known as preventive maintenance. Dirt, mud and grime act as abrasive agents and cause friction on both fixed and moving parts. Therefore, dirty machines wear out more quickly.

Important variables in cleaning

The detergent

When it comes to industrial machine cleaning, just using water won't be enough to get rid of grease and grime. It does not matter if you work with construction or agricultural equipment. it is always necessary to use some type of degreasing solution.


On the other hand, some people believe that washing their heavy machinery at a certain temperature can make cleaning tasks more effective. That is a factor to consider, but it is far from being a determining variable.

Cold water is very effective when used with the proper surfactant. On the other hand, hot water works better on the surfaces of the machine, which makes it possible to remove larger fragments of dirt more easily. However, the important part of the cleaning process happens at the molecular level and temperature does not have much of an effect on that scale.

Do not wait for the machines to start showing failures to think about washing them. Giving correct and frequent cleaning to your equipment will not only avoid damage, but also offers you many benefits.