In 2004 during the G8 summit (Group of the leaders of the most industrialized nations) they presented a rule that companies should implement the 3R plan (reduce, reuse, recycle) to build a society oriented towards recycling and encourage habits such as responsible consumption.

Although many people might think that this topic is unnecessary to mention since it was introduced in 2004, the truth is that many companies don't take steps to address this issue.

Today it’s super important that we pay attention to the environmental impact generated by our company. So how exactly do we do it? Below you will find some tips to reduce the environmental impact from your home and business:

Reduce: try to use the necessary inputs for the processes you are carrying out, whether it is water, electricity, or another input, since with just a little you reduce waste, not only do you help the planet, but you also save and at the same time economize resources. In Glomacht we care about contributing to the environmental impact and based on our work philosophy we make companies or people give a second use to a machine, piece or tool that is in optimal conditions, with this we help take advantage of the raw material already existing and companies or people can reduce costs in the purchase of machinery.

Reuse: Seeks to extend the life of each product. Most goods can have more than one useful life, either by repairing them or by using your imagination to find another use for them. Carry out adequate and constant maintenance on your machines, this will extend their useful life. On the other hand, if you no longer require the use of any of them, you could take the option of selling it to another person or company that can give it a second use, thus not only recovering the investment of the purchase of it, but also reducing the impact that generates the manufacture of machinery. At Glomacht we take care of contacting buyers and sellers so that they can get the product they need, in this way we facilitate the process and guarantee the quality of the required product.

Recycle: Rescue a material that is no longer useful and turn it into a new product. The raw material is reincorporated into the cycle to manufacture new products without the need to increase energy expenditure or the volume of waste. You must check very well if the machines you have work or no longer do. In case the useful life of the machine has come to an end, what you can do is use the useful parts that make it up and save them as spare parts for a new machine or find another type of use for them.

The environmental benefits that the application of this corporate social responsibility plan brings are that:

  • Healthier cities are obtained.

  • The consumption of renewable and non-renewable natural resources destined for industrial production, such as forests, minerals, water, oil and energy, is reduced.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming are reduced.

  • It allows many manufacturing companies to buy raw material from the recycling cycle to manufacture new products.

Contribute to the planet and carry out this corporate responsibility plan, and if you need any machine, tool or repair part, do not forget that at Glomacht we are glad to help you with whatever you need.