Logistics services or logistics solutions refers to the whole transportation process, including disassembling, loading, transportation, unloading and installation. Each of these activities require a professional team with the adequate equipment and years of experience to ensure goods are received in the agreed location and no accident, damage, or delay occurs on its way. GLOMACHT offers structured customer service, taking into account our client's needs. Likewise, our logistics partners have the experience and technology required to provide a high quality service. 


The first step to carry out logistics services is based on customer support since in this stage it is necessary to coordinate the whole logistic process. Initially, a study  to observe the conditions of the loading place, where the goods are going to be collected and disassembled, is done. The outcome of this study is a plan on how the disassembly of a machine is going to be performed, how long it will take and which equipment is needed for the loading process.

The second step is to proceed with the execution of disassembling, loading and transporting the machine from point A to point B, with all the necessary care and compliance, guaranteeing a smooth and safe transport of the load. This second step has some variables taking into account which way of transport is needed; land, sea, air or multimodal transport. Depending on these variables, goods collection and delivery times can vary. Here is some general information to know a little better about the different types of transport.

Types of transport

Overland freight transportation

Land transportation is the most used transport between cities and nearby countries. For example, this transport is the most used in European Countries due to its proximity and special commercial treaties among the nations, apart from being the most profitable due to its costs. 

Sea freight forwarding

Sea freight transportation is the second most popular way to ship machines to countries located on a long distance or that can only be accessed by ocean. Although currently there is a worldwide container crisis due to Covid-19 pandemic, it is still a not so expensive way to ship goods from one location to another.  

Air freight transportation

The last type of service is air cargo transportation, which is very unusual due to its complexity and costs but can be necessary if the delivery time is the priority.

Logistics services Infographics

It must be understood that logistics services are a very important process that requires great care in every detail, since a wrong step in any of them can cause damages and great losses for all parties involved.

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