We know that buying used woodworking machinery is not an easy task. As buyers you need to make sure about the condition of the machine, since you want to make the most out of it. There are also different levels of difficulty to get the expected outcome, being the pandemic, the most recent wave of restrictions impeding the achievement of a successful buying process. All in all, to buy or sell used woodworking machinery is a laborious work for companies operating in the industry sector, making it a headache to find the perfect machine meeting all needs.

Many buyers implement different strategic measures on this matter. Some buyers use their intuition, other buyers are guided by YouTube tutorials, which give further insights but is not to be completely trusted. Although these strategies can be of great help, not everything can be left to luck, trust or fate.

GLOMACHT, as experts on used machinery trade, can support buyers and sellers, providing reliable strategies to thrive on the process. We are always ready to offer our professional advice without additional costs. Furthermore, we will give you some highlights to keep in mind when looking for the perfect woodworking machinery, and succeed in the attempt.

Engine performance and capacity

Performance is one of the characteristics that buyers of used machinery must observe carefully. It is of outmost importance to know if the used woodworking machine fits your needs and if its use is what is needed to comply with the objectives of the company as producer, since as we all know a good performance is the way for good results.

Engine capacity is essential and one of the first questions you should ask and investigate before buying woodworking machinery. The buyer has to be very confident on this point as the engine capacity is closely linked to performance.

Machine references and documents

Searching and researching information about the machine, the producer and buyers experience can be a great strategy to know about the characteristics of the machine being purchased. In addition, recommendations from companies that are already using the equipment is also a great help.

Machine specifications

Knowing the working area, the type of control, the ability to cut, the extraction and even the speed for production is also a great idea. Places and working conditions to which the machine will be exposed are further key elements to be taken into account.


We all have a budget earmarked for the acquisition of our machines. After evaluating the available budget, our best advice is to look for the machines providing the best option between price and quality ratio.

The cost of maintenance

Make repairs and look for the accessibility of spare parts beforehand. Most of the machines we sell are checked and recently repaired to guarantee an optime production and functionality from the beginning. However, being these used machines, it is extremely important to double check the availability of professional technicians experts in the matter, and repair tools if necessary, before further commitment.

Over the years we have collaborated with carpentry companies, supporting them to buy and sell many used woodworking machines. Our clients can give faith of our effective and transparent process. We hope this advice will be of great help for your next purchase with us. Contact us today for further free advice.