CNC machines, or numerical control machines, are machines that are not manually operated by levers or flywheels. These machines are operated by commands already programmed in a storage medium. Due to its programming, these CNC systems have improved and simplified the industry and mass production.


In short, we talk about the evolution of industrial machinery. CNC used machines still continue to improve the production of many industries and companies. The fact CNC used machines have years in the market, do not mean these are outdated or non-functional machines. CNC used machines are still in force and in operation, delivering high development and safety to the industry.



Types of CNC machines


Many CNC machines have several axes of movement, either rotary or linear. Also, there are several types of numerical control machines, these fulfill specific tasks in various industries. The first machines with these types of controls date back to the 40s and 50s but, as everything, through the years the technology have advanced and improved. It should be noted that there are used CNC machines from the 90s that still perform perfectly the tasks required by today`s world needs.


CNC machines are highly sought after in the market as they meet the criteria of modernity and safety of high performance. These are sold very quickly and, when they are available, clients fight to obtain them. As most know, having one of these CNC machines makes your industrial objectives easy to get. These are some of the most common machines in this category:




One of the most famous and sold in the market as they fulfill a number of tasks necessary for the metallurgy industry. CNC plasma is of great utility for works such as cutting for steel. Its last goal is cutting plasma based on raising in high temperatures the material that will be applied to the cutting. Price for these machines are mostly high but in their cost-benefit turns out to be very useful. At first these machines were of a small size, however their size and price correspond to works of greater effort.


In addition to the advantages of precision speed, profitability and cost-benefit are main reasons why a machine of these characteristics cannot miss in your stock.




When talking about CNC machines, it is undeniable not to think about CNC lathe machines. Lathes machines have been on the market so long that its name is very familiar, but it is not only known for its popularity; these machines are also known for the versatility and performance they provide in their tasks. If any person is questioned by the performance of these machines, the vast majority does not hesitate to recommend and buy them faithfully, since they operate both for metal, wood, glass and ceramics industries.


The way of operation of the lathes is to remove the unnecessary parts of the piece of work so that the piece only keeps what is necessary, producing the required product. It is also very important to say that these are monitored by an operator.


CNC Mills


In this field and in the industry the CNC mills could be considered the most common type of machine. To have an idea, the work of these machines is very similar to cutting or drilling. The important and magnificent thing is that they meet multiple manufacturing needs.


Milling rotates in different directions to accomplish the work and this is the big difference from a conventional drill. Another of the great features is that it generates shapes like holes and grooves.