inline bridge sheet punching machine with feeder and stripping station BOGRAMA BSM 450 basic UEB 550A FR550 Servo C



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BOGRAMA BSM 450 basic + UEB 550A + FR550 Servo C Year of construction 2008 1 (one) BOGRAMA BSM 450 basic year of construction 2008 automatic cutting and Punching machine for contour and panel punching Demovido at \n \n with the following tools: - 1 x change parts set BSM 450 - 2 x additional benefits (iePossibility to cut to 3 panels) Standard with 4mm cut-out knife - 1 x steel strip tool device for BSM 450 1 (one) mobile transfer BOGRAMA UEB 550 A with clocked air blower and stripping station _x000OGRAMA) (one) 550 Servo C for creating brochures and individual sheets for offline operation with: Bograma individual modules, Bograma cutting systems, third-party units, etc.