Compact spectral densitometer Techkon SpectroDens Premium



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Compact spectral densitometer Techkon SpectroDens Premium Year of construction 2014 SN A 802022 Functions: strong> Automatic density measurement, density CMYK, area coverage, tone value increase, Print contrast, gray and color balance, color acceptance, printing characteristic, density spectrum, Spectral density for special colors, trend display ExYPress- Fule- / Duplicating Nielsen for printing plates, CIE L * a * b *, ΔE * a * b *, CIE L * C * h * ab, CIE XYZ, ΔE * cmc, ΔE * CIE94, ΔE * CIE2000, remission spectrum, InkCheck : Color control of spot colors, color library with up to 20 color fans and a total of 3,000 color references, Measuring value memory for 1,200 samples and 300 references,Ugra / Fogra media wedge evaluation, ISO-Check: Color control according to ISO 12647, CIE L * u * v *, CIE L * C * h * uv, CIE xyY, DIN Lab99, Metameric index, whiteness, yellowness, Pass- / Fail-Tolerance, Mittelwert Scope of delivery: Measuring device with case, charging station and documentation, USB cable