Gura scissor roller conveyor 1200425 2KUX



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mobile height-adjustable Gura scissor roller conveyor 1200-425 2KUX from year 2009 Scissor roller conveyors are used in all areas of general cargo transport. This mobile variant is used especially when a permanently installed system is not desired . Own logistics structures can thus be optimally adapted and expanded as required. The lengths and heights are individually adjustable, and curves up to 180 ° can be formed at the same time. - shiny galvanized design - top edge of the track adjustable in height from 720 - 1150 mm . - for goods up to 400 mm - center distance with extended track 150 mm. - rollers (Ø 50 mm) with ball bearings on 8 mm Axes - End stop at the end of the roll Number of support feet 4 pieces (+ an extension) strong> Pane length 2100 - 6500 mm Load capacity / support foot distance 100 kg Roller material plastic Roller 2 pieces per axis Roller version plastic