Cutting machine IDEAL 5560 with air table and side tables 5560



No longer available




IDEAL 5560 - hydraulic professional pile cutter with air table from Bj. 12-2015 IDEAL 5560 is a professional pile cutter with 550mm working width, air table, hydraulic cut and hydraulic pressing. The cut is triggered via A patented Easy-Cut-System. The electromechanical backgauge can be controlled quickly and easily via a touchpad with program control . Highest safety and freedom of movement in the work area is guaranteed by a safety light barrier . Cutting length: 550 mm Insertion depth: 550 mm Cutting height: 80 mm / * 78 mm (* with press beam cover) Remaining cut:20 mm / * 90 mm (* with press beam cover) with air table as standard hydraulic drive for press beam electro- mechanical knife drive continuously adjustable pressing pressure with optical display electro-mechanical backgauge drive with professional control module with digital dimension display Direct dimension input via block of tens Dimension information in cm / inch (display accuracy 1/10 mm) three memory buttons for fixed dimensions (freely programmable) Integrated computer (four basic arithmetic operations) 99 programs with 99 program steps each Incremental programming with up to 9 steps in the program possible Memory mode for chain cut, additional automatic memory automatic program sequence when cutting Set button for reference dimension Paper eject function (EJECT) with and without program operation Electronic handwheel for manual backgauge fine adjustment automatic return of knife and press beam from every position push button for quick saddle adjustment foot pedal for pre-pressing optical cutting indicator with bright LEDs EASY CUT:Two-hand cut release with simultaneity control and repeat lock high-quality HSS knife knife changing device with covered knife edge electronically secured front table area via IR -Safety light barrier Safety cover on the rear table Press beam cover with snap lock Comprehensive safety package SCS (Safety Cutting System) : ensures safety, even if there is no cutting, e.g. when changing the knife and cutting stick Machine self-diagnosis with error display Stainless steel table covers Standard with air table (front and back table) Side tables optionally at extra cost Connection: 400 V / 50 Hz three-phase current / 1.5 kW