MBO Z2 mobile 180 ° rotatable crossfold unit with navigator control 2003



No longer available


ManufacturerMBO Oppenweiler


The mobile knife folding unit Z 2 can be swiveled by 180 ° and allows folding from above as well as from below. It can be used for various purposes: on combination and pocket folding machines as a folding unit IV for 32 pages, for the production of English, German and international four-fold as well as for special types of folds. on buckle folding machines as folding unit III - here the material to be folded can be returned to the central control panel. for parallel folds to the spine after the 1st and 2nd cross fold on combination folding machines, in connection with the Corner conveyor table connected to the saddle stitcher for folding small brochures at right angles and, in connection with the corner conveyor table, parallel to the spine.