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RM 500 stands for rotary mixer, model 500 The modern table-top paint mixer "RM500" was developed after a thorough market analysis in cooperation with a well-known paint factory especially for the paint and varnish sector Mixing times - (even with critical media) - were the inspiration for the development of the RM 500 model . The work area is ergonomically arranged and is loaded via a hinged door operated by a gas pressure spring. Modern electronics as well as safety switches, timers *) _ x000D_ and EMERGENCY-Off meet international safety standards . The specimen is clamped using a user-friendly, continuously adjustable clamping device with two-hand operation and a safety height stop. In a very short time, containers from 5 liters to 50 ml. can be securely clamped. Digital time switch (0 - 9 or 0 - 15 min. (3 digit) mounted in chrome nickel front plate The so-called zero stroke eccentric with about 1500 RPM and an axial movement of about 30 mm moves the mixed container in almost all degrees of freedom . Der The mixing process takes place in closed containers . Therefore, there is no need for time-consuming cleaning work when changing the color! _X000D_ Technical data: Dimensions: H x W x D (750 x450 x 400 mm) Clamping area: (280 x 250 x250 mm) _x000_ Clamping device for containers from 50ml - 5Ltr. Number of containers: 4 x 0.7 or 1 x 5 L, 20 x 50 ml Weight: approx 90 Kg Power connection: 220 V, 50 Hz, 6.3 Amp . tr. Lacking: powder coating RAL3002