ScanSpectrometer RS ​​800 with Techkon ExPresso Pro software



No longer available




The compact RS 800 scan spectrometer revolutionizes the automatic measurement of densities and dot gain on any print control strips, step wedges and test charts. Operation is child's play: The elegant measuring device lies securely in the hand. It is swiftly guided over the print control strip. The different measuring fields and their position on the control strip are recognized automatically. Guide rollers in the bottom of the device ensure safe straight-line travel. The measuring device is moved along a guide rail on large-format printed sheets . The RS 800 scan spectrometer, which works on a spectral basis, shows its strengths particularly when it comes to measuring spot colors. The device can also be used like a conventional hand-held measuring device: Simply position it on the color field, Press the measurement button - done! Measuring printing plates is just as easy. The TECHKON ExPresso Pro software package is designed for special color printing with up to eight colors and can therefore be used in conjunction with the RS 800 scan spectrometer. The motorized linear drive LT offers enhanced convenience . The user is relieved of having to manually move the measuring device . Measuring geometry: 0/45 ° optics / DIN 5033 Measuring aperture: 3 x 1.5 mm Measuring light: Gas-filled incandescent lamp, light type A crossed \ ifter nScanning speed max. 150 mm / s Smallest measuring field width: 3 mm Density standard: DIN 16536 Measuring range: 0.00 D - 2.50 D Reproducibility: + - 0.001 D Power supply power pack: 110 - 240 V, 47 - 63 Hz ,