KAUP rotating roller clamps type number 2T458 905847



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Rotatable roller clamp KAUP type number 2 T 458/905847 - also called paper roll clamps - can gently pick up and transport all types of rolls . This makes this attachment indispensable wherever one deals with the handling of different types of rolls . Whether it is paper and cellulose rolls, concrete tubes or tires (stacks ) Technical data for serial number 905847 with solenoid valve 12 volt and mounting kit (left in direction of travel) Turning range 360 ​​° endless Torque 6775 Nm at 125 bar Differenzdruck Opening range suitable for roller diameters from 250 - 1350 mm_Druckplate with rubber pressure plate widths of 70D_x000 mm_x000 300 mm Druck plate height 1000 mm (see R 6 458 05285) D BV mounted between fork carrier plate on the left in the direction of travel Manometer mounted above the gearbox Load capacity 2000 kg at 675 mm LSP Front weight 219 mm D Energy weight at 260 mm D approx. 615 kg Lackierung: RAL 7021 Fork carrier: ISO class 3 A & nbsp; cleaned, all hydraulic hoses renewed strong>