BiLuVa KL2900 cold humidifier



No longer available




The humidification of cold air by air humidification systems is essential in paper processing and many other industrial areas . suitable for a room volume of up to a maximum of 2900 m³ incl. Air exchange TxHxB (mm): 850 x 530 x 800 Electrical data: 230 Watt 230 V / 50 Hz, 1.1 A (briefly 16 A) / n / n / n / 52 kg Cold air humidifier: Latest technology from Binder After intensive market observation, we have developed a completely new system for air humidification systems in industry and trade: Humidification through cold evaporation - a natural process for increasing the humidity, that works with drinking water quality, i.e. without an upstream softening system.