Mathias Bäuerle Prestige FoldNet 5244FSAAM 52 pocket folding 2013



No longer available


ManufacturerMathias Baeuerle


fully automatic adjustable 1. Folding unit with 4 pockets and downstream knife shaft, transfer table, with 42.9 million folds 2. Folding unit with 4 pockets and downstream knife shaft ca. 15 million folds The automatic set-up controls the setting of the machine from the feeder to the delivery . Based on the specified sheet format, the selected fold type and the paper thickness measured by a paper thickness sensor, the computer control calculates the position of the various adjusting elements and takes over their settings. Intelligent machine control and touchscreen operation make folding easy . The central touchscreen panel is the interactive operator interface. From here, all important settings are made. * feeder * all folding pockets * sheet diverters * rulers * rollers * Auslagen * 20 types of folds permanently saved * other types of folds freely programmable * other types of folds_x000_document * CIP4-compatible * folding units with 4 or 6 pockets * expandable up to 3 pocket folding units * can be combined with mobile knife folding unit max. Sheet format 52 x 85 cm min. Sheet format 10 x 12 cm min. Fold length 3.5 cm Stacking height of the feeder 66 cm Speed ​​max. 220 m / min mobile height-adjustable long shingle delivery