Herzog & Heymann Model KL 11284FBS 1995



No longer available


ManufacturerDuke & amp; Hey man


A3 miniature folding machine, especially for leaflet Format max. 35 x 50 cm Format min. 5 x 7 cm minimum folding length 18 mm This small format folding machine from Herzog + Heymann is designed for processing small format KL. 112 products . Due to the folding roller diameter of 26 mm, a minimum folding length of 18 mm can be achieved . The machine is extremely flexible, e.g. products for the pharmaceutical industry (inserts or outserts), instructions for use and glued or stapled products can be processed . Equipment: - FBS suction feeder with compressor and air separator - total or batch counter - first station with 8 pockets 35cm inlet width,Downstream knife shafts (for grooving and perforating), Lärmschutzhaube - second station with 4 pockets 35cm infeed width, downstream knife shafts (for grooving and perforating), Lärmschutzhaube - mountable belt transfer table H & amp; H 177 - small format vertical display 177