Barco PCB laser photoplotter 2004



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ManufacturerMania Barco Esko Graphic


PCB laser photoplotter for circuit board production Mania Barco Esko Graphic Silver Writer with Agfaline HT 86 online PCB developing machine Year of manufacture 2004 Film format: 813x711mm Available formats: _x4060D_ 16000 ppi with limitation of the exposure area to (810x639mm) 20000, 20320 ppi with limitation of the exposure area to (810x395mm) 25000 and 25400 ppi 1 film magazine for 150 sheets The laser is divided into 24 beams, a 4000D_ppi-plot sheet-filling Data structure approx. 8 minutes, at 25400ppi approx. 35 min. Powerrip PC (pre-installed, with interface card), this processes Barco DPF files to 25400ppi.The Rip license is limited in time and has to be renewed again and again by the manufacturer.