Petratto Cordoba 3D double bar creasing and folding 2014



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with 2 creasing tools and window folding pocket Rillen, Leimen, Falzen A flat pile feeder feeds the sheet to a bias tape alignment and takes it over from the feed rollers. The beginning of the sheet is recognized by a light barrier. Positive and negative creasing or the transverse perforation are carried out in one pass using the dimensions entered on the control. To fix flaps on brochure covers, glue can now be applied using a hotmelt nozzle (option). The sheet is then transferred to a special pocket folder and folded at the creased areas. The output of the product takes place in a conveyor belt delivery . Material thickness 170 to 500 g / m² Bogen width 150 to 520 mm Bogen length 200 to 1,200 mm coring distances are in 0,