Polar Mohr RA4 automatic jogger 2001



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ManufacturerPolar Moor


Automatic jogger with air spreading roller and pneumatic folding stops After the jogging process is completed, the air is pressed out of the cutting position . You can spread 1 or 2 times, whereby the pressure of the first spreading process is adjustable and if the table is inclined, it can also spread out in between for easy correction of angularity by adjusting the saddle Tilting saddle - simple correction of over / undercut by adjusting the saddle Fixomat, turns the flat contact on the saddle rake into a point system, so that convex cut material can be better balanced Table size 900x1150mm stainless steel-clad nLayer height min. 30 mm Layer height man. 165 mm Table height 860 - 950 mm Compressed air requirement at 6 - 8 bar approx. 2L / min