Pfäffle F42 a automatic punching 2006



No longer available


ManufacturerErnst Pfaffle


Year of construction 2006 for punching the binding perforation for spiral, wire comb and plastic binding, as well as punching for filing systems, corner rounding, tear-off perforations, register inserts, etc. Punching machines for paper, cardboard and mixed paper qualities Easy to operate by one person the workstake on one level. A proven "plate" system to work from stack to stack without turning over. Separating the individual layers from the paper stack using separating discs. Aligning the paper layer and punching. Output in Storage box in the same order. Easy conversion to other formats. Quick tool change. Interchangeable punching tools for wire and plastic binding, also combined with thumb holes,Filing holes and / or tear-off perforation (all options) Technical data Format range max. 320 x 320 mm Format range min. 148 x 100 mm Punching thickness up to 2 mm / n_Leinstistung_000 Punching height up to 4.200 to 8 m / hour Space requirement 1.80 mx 0.90 m Weight 450 kg