GUK SM 502 cutting with feeder 2011



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ManufacturerGrieser & amp; Kunzmann GUK


GUK FL 50-2 flat pile suction air feeder OEM Bäuerle type FL 50-2 with pneumatically controlled cutting head, thus exact sheet separation even at maximum output and preselection counter Cutting machine GUK SM 50-2 Schneid-Rillstation Infeed width max. 540 mm and min. 150 mm Infeed length max. 800 mm and min. 210 mm two plug-in knife shafts Automatic roller setting via paper strips Synchronous drive via hardened, flank-ground and helical gears withTechni FoldDate_ tools Alx000D tools can be used to calculate higher gram sizes in parallel for the production of coupons, brands, etc. uset werden GUK S-520 mobile shingle display hangable transition