Pamatec Heidelberg PT 220 inline bridge punching 2006



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ManufacturerPamaTec OEM Heidelberg


Fully automatic inline bridge punching machine PT-PamaTec OEM Heidelberg, configured for lengthwise cutting, steel strip cutting, line tools and cross cutting (such as Bograma BS) Cuts folded layers and individual sheets behind the folding machine or saddle stitcher. Depending on the product length and thickness, the maximum cycle speed is 7,500 copies per hour. The maximum cutting format is designed for 600 x 220 millimeters. A wide range of finishing options can be implemented: tear-off or corner perforation, wire-o punching and filing holes. Separation, register and three-sided trims are possible as well as steel strip cuts for individual die cutting (the tools required for this are not included in the scope of delivery). The processable product thicknesses are four millimeters when cutting, when perforating at three millimeters and when cutting steel strip at two millimeters . The sheets are taken over directly from the folding machine or the saddle stitcher with a height-adjustable ribbon feed. A pneumatic alignment system ensures the exact positioning of the sheets in the punch and thus a high punching accuracy . Infeed width 70 cm Working width 60 cm Ausnahm _Tape transport for 2 panels with width n1_1_development 15 mm Tape transport for 2 panels \ 4 conveyor belts \ 4 conveyor belts Longitudinal cutting Cutting tool (width 8mm,